Empowering Music Instructors to Work with Students with Disabilities

We offer training and support for music instructors in adaptive music lessons


Become Equipped to Serve Every Student

Many teachers have not had training to teach students with disabilities, which leads to feeling frustrated and unsuccessful when they are expected to include these students. But every teacher should feel empowered to accept any client and offer specialized teaching to meet their needs. 

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Stephanie Powell


Stephanie Powell is a wife, mother of 4, special needs teacher and adaptive music instructor. She has lived in Pensacola, FL for 6 years and loves serving in her church, serving the community and spending warm days on the beach with her family. She started teaching adaptive music lessons 5 years ago when she noticed many of her school students learned music concepts very quickly but didn’t have anyone outside of school to help them develop music skills.


How to Get Started

Only three easy steps and you can be equipped to effectively teach students with special needs

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    Tell us about how you want to grow

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    Receive a customized plan

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Below are answers to the most popular questions from parents and students. Didn’t find what you need? Just send a request and we will get in touch with you shortly.

  • How can you help me expand my studio reach?

    By equipping you and/or your music instructors to work with individuals with special needs, you will be able to serve a wider demographic and increase enrollment. 

  • What if I don’t have experience with special needs kids?

    If this is you, I would suggest we have an ongoing coaching contract. You can’t get experience, unless you get started. I would be happy to support you in a new adventure!

  • What does coaching/training cost?

    Coaching costs are determined on an individual basis because the goal is to provide an individual experience for you that will grant success and confidence in your teaching. Shorter trainings and webinars will be advertised as they are offered. Know that we acknowledge that your time and resources are extremely valuable and do not take that lightly. 

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